You and Your Local Economy: How You Can Help Make it Grow

buildings - You and Your Local Economy: How You Can Help Make it Grow

Buying and selling often play a big part in the general economy—both local and national. If you are going to be playing an active part in letting your community grow, you must be aware of how to do it. Today, we wanted to share a few tips on how you can help your local economy grow.

These tips are often grounded on the basic principles of commerce:

Supporting Local Businesses

Local businesses are often the lifeblood of local communities. After all, they are usually the ones that provide supplies like food, services, and a wide variety of options for entertainment. Most local businesses tend to face stiff competition from larger brands which have their fingers in practically every state there is.

When people only patronize larger businesses because of convenience, they are ultimately denying local businesses the chance to survive. When you support a local business, you are supporting someone that you may actually know—as opposed to a big brand CEO whose picture you see on the magazine but never meet for real.

Local businesses need your support. If you keep supporting local products and businesses, you are ultimately giving back to the community and helping it grow.

Active Participation in Governance

The laws that affect local businesses and local communities are largely determined by the members of local government. To help keep local businesses alive and to create policies which benefit the community instead of bigger companies, the people that live there need to play a more active role in governance.

This is not to say that people should run for office. Instead, people should attend more meetings as set by the local government. An active participation in governance whether by being supportive or simply showing up in meetings that make decisions can be a big help over time. Now imagine if more and more people in your local town did that; there would be significant changes that can be enacted.

These two things can help grow your local economy. What other ways can you think of?


Staying in the Green: How You Can Avoid Financial Issues In the Future

coins and pens - Staying in the Green: How You Can Avoid Financial Issues In the Future

We received quite a bit of feedback regarding the common financial problems people find them in. There were requests for an article on how to avoid or even combat those problems. This is what we shall be focusing on today.

Here are a few tried and tested tips on how you can avoid financial issues in the future:

Create a Budget

Everything starts with a budget. It may not be the most pleasant thing to do at times but it is fully necessary to put down on paper the essentials:

  • Financial influx
  • Expenses
  • Savings

Yes, savings must always be part of a budget. After all, if you aren’t putting something away every time you get paid, you are setting yourself up for difficulty in the future. Creating a budget might be challenging but thankfully there are now a lot of online help and even mobile apps that can get you started!

Practice Discipline

Everything hinges on personal discipline and accountability. If you keep lying to yourself that it’s okay to deviate from the budget or to get something that you just want—as opposed to a full need—you’ll just keep making the same mistakes.

This is probably harder than setting a budget but you have to keep your eye on the larger picture here. Is there something that you’re saving up for? What is your financial goal (both short term and long term) for the year? Keeping your eye on these can help shore up your discipline.

Grow Your Knowledge

At the end of the day, it is your personal working knowledge of your finances that will end up saving you. This is why it is absolutely critical that you grow your knowledge regarding finances, basic accounting, and even keeping an eye on the local commerce.

You can join classes, read books, or even join forums on social media. Being an active participant in growing your understanding of finances can help to make the difference between financial success and doom.

We hope that these tips will find you well and will help you better keep financial issues at bay!



Determining Sources: Common Money Issues People Find Themselves In

coins - Determining Sources: Common Money Issues People Find Themselves In

In the topic of money and commerce, there is often a lot of struggle that is involved. Despite best intentions, many find themselves falling into some pretty common money problems and issues. WE believe that in order to avoid the problem, one does need to know that it is a problem to begin with.

That being said, we would like to share some of the more common money issues that we have come across in our field of work:

Paycheck to Paycheck Existence

As soon as we graduate (or even while we are pursuing education), we get jobs that help us pay for the other things in our life like rent, food, clothes, gas, heating, etc. Most people find themselves living in a sort of paycheck to paycheck existence. They are only making enough to survive and none at all to put away and allow to grow into something more.

If the money is only enough to breakeven, you will never get anywhere.

Exorbitant Living Expenses

Needs and wants are completely separate. People are creatures of habit and of comfort. We tend to stay where we are comfortable. This can often involve keeping up with friends who have a bigger spending capacity. If you find yourself running out of money as soon as it gets there, you may need to reconsider your living expenses and your lifestyle.

Exorbitant living expenses are a sure trip to financial trouble in the future.


Unforeseen can happen in a blink of an eye. You may think that you’re solid in one moment and find yourself facing an exorbitant bill because you or someone in your family got ill. Sudden loss of income is a very real possibility and those that do not consider this end up with pretty much nothing.

These three things that we’ve mentioned are some of the more common money issues that we have come across. We hope that identifying them will help you better avoid them in your life.


Knowing the Right Answer: Why Is Financial Literacy So Important?

taxes - Knowing the Right Answer: Why Is Financial Literacy So Important?

When it comes to the topic of commerce, finances often play an integral part. If you want to be able to participate in the active buying and selling of things, you need financial literacy. We emphasize “buying and selling” because this is the basic concept of what commerce is.

Here are a few reasons why financial literacy is so important:

Financial Planning

Finances—whether it comes to obtaining it, spending it, or keeping it—will always need careful planning. If people just spend their money or do not value how it is attained, it will always slip through fingers.

If there is anything that is horrid in life, it is not having enough money. When you don’t have any of that, how are you supposed to eat or survive?

Mitigating Losses

Losses can always happen no matter how meticulous your planning is. Financial literacy can help you bounce back from losses because you’ll have a good eye fixed on the larger picture. Instead of just focusing on why you lost money, you can use financial literacy to determine how you can make sure that will never happen to you again.

The ability to mitigate your losses is something that financial literacy can help you with.

Financial Stability

Once you have a pretty good handle of how your money moves, you can better anticipate where you’re strong and where you are vulnerable. When you are able to focus on maximizing your strengths and minimizing your vulnerabilities, financial literacy can help you unlock financial stability.

At the end of the day, isn’t this really what we all want?

We hope that the reasons that we have given regarding the importance of financial stability will help galvanize your opinion toward it. We’d love to know your thoughts, however. Why do YOU think it’s important?

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