What Do People in Tennessee Do If They Want to Gamble?


A couple of articles back we mentioned that Tennessee has some of the strictest gambling laws around. This got us to thinking: what do people in TN do if they do want to gamble? This is an interesting idea for us to explore as most people are quick to dismiss gambling as something foolish even though according to it’s quite prevalent across the country.

We started asking around the office and got to talking about what some of us do if they want to relax a bit and earn a little along the way.

The Issue


For the longest time, TN unilaterally considered most—if not all—forms of gambling to be illegal. There are a few that managed to escape that rule but the things that are usually allowed somewhere else like poker, roulette, blackjack are completely banned.

Gambling doesn’t always have to be about money. It can be an activity that people can enjoy because they are good at it. It can even be a friendly game. However, once money starts to be involved, the law becomes involved as well.

Band-Aid Solutions


That being the issue, here are a few band-aid solutions that some avid gamblers do if they are residents of Tennessee yet wanted to gamble:

Cross State Lines

While TN doesn’t have any casinos or gambling halls, Mississippi has a lot of them, however. The band-aid solution would be to plan a trip and take a drive across state lines and go into a state where gambling is allowed.

Stick to Allowed Forms

When you’ve got slim pickings, can you still afford to be picky? Many TN gamblers simply belly up and make do with what they have to choose from. While most forms of sports betting is not allowed, horse racing is okay by the law.

While the law remains this way, these are the only things that TN residents can do. Do you gamble? What band-aid solution do you have when you crave to play?


Earning a Little Extra: What Forms of Gambling is Legal in Tennessee?


The state of Tennessee is well known for a lot of things like music, famous individuals, and our very strict gambling laws. This, however, does not imply that all gambling is banned. There are a few forms of gambling that are actually considered legal.

This is what we shall be focusing on in today’s discussion. Here are a few forms of gambling that is actually legal in TN:

Online Gambling in Offshore Sites


Online gambling has been legalized in several other states in the USA. Tennessee is not one of those states. However, this does not mean that her citizens are completely denied the ease and fun of online gambling websites.

The caveat is that online gambling is allowed only if people play using offshore sites. If you gamble using a local website, that can land you in hot water! It would be best to stick to those that stem from Europe or other parts of the world.

Horse Racing Betting


Sports-betting is often unilaterally disallowed and considered illegal in TN. However, there is something that is allowed: betting on horse racing. Horse racing is something that has long been a traditional sport. It is something that has quite an age on it and generally involves money. This is because of the fact that horse racing requires breeding, training, upkeep of animals, and so many other things.

Being able to place a bet on a winner can help breeders and trainers recoup their losses and their investment.

Official State Lottery


Much like other states, TN has a lottery. The biggest difference is that it is the official state lottery. There are no other forms that can be found in TN. If someone wanted to go buy a scratch card or a power ball ticket, they will not find them here.

These are some of the rare forms of gambling that has been allowed in Tennessee. What other forms of gambling are legal here; do you know?